If we talk about one hightlight of REMIX SEA 08,  many poeple will talk about “DeepZoom Composer”; this is free tools from Microsoft. It’s help you to create fantastic photo gallery in 3 Steps

  • Import
  • Compose
  • Export

But this is SilverLight, so you have to download silverlight add-in version 2.0 (same as adobe flash) 

I use Expression Media to generate Contact Sheet then import all picture to DeepZoom Composer.

Hint: place you mouse on center of picture then Click to zoom in or Shift+Click to zoom out / another way is using scroll button to zoom in and out.  Click and drag your mouse to move to other part of picture

Have Fun! 😉


PS. Need a few time to load data upon connection speed.

Credit. Thanks for this entry (Thai Lang.) on Greatfriends.biz for hosting space and motivation

Hint 2 : if you see only white space please

Get Microsoft Silverlight