As you know, InfoPath browser-enable template supported for filled in via web browser and MS InfoPath.  This will make this solution similar like real working life style.  Some time you can not access to Intranet or company portal but you have to submit some docuement for approval on the system.
In this case you can filled in the from and send to email account that provide for this form library.  Yes that’s all you have to do.
ok, let’s share your expr on InfoPath and SharePoint.
Have a good day

ตอนแรกว่าจะมาจดกันลืม แต่กลัวว่าแฟนๆ เว็บจะงง เกริ่นซักนิดหน่อยก็แล้วกัน

บังเอิญหาว่าตอนนี้ดูแล SharePoint และต้องหา Solution ที่มาวาด Organization Chart บน SharePoint ก็นั่งค้นไปค้นมาเจออยู่สองที่ที่น่าสนใจ ที่แรกคือ AAOrgChart จากค่าย aaSoftTech และ 1OrgChart ของค่าย Content and Code

ปัญหาคือ แพงครับพี่น้องงงง (หรือไม่อยากจ่ายนั่นเอง)


ไม่ยากครับใช้พลังอึดอีกหน่อยหาต่อ และแล้วก็มาเจอ blog หนึ่งใน msdn ของ นายRodney  ที่เขียนเกี่ยวกับ OrgChart และที่สำคัญมี webpart แจกฟรีครับ (เย้ๆๆๆ) หน้าตาเป็นแบบนี้



เนื่องจากเป็นของฟรีครับ เลยทำอะไรไม่ค่อยได้มาก (เรื่องมากจริงๆ)  เลยตัดสินใจ เอาว๊ะ ลองเล่นกับมันซักตั้ง โดยเอาแนวคิดของตัวนี้แหละ มาต่อยอด แล้วต้องทำยังไงดีหละตามผมมาเลย

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The easiest way to create from on sharepoint is using form library and setting up new from relate with it.
how ever there are serveral way to create new form on sharepoint, one of them is using MS Infopath.
Question if our client didnt have MS Infopath install, what should we do?
Lucky, there is option for creating infopath call “Browser-enabled” compatible. however there limitation about using control on info path file. here is the list of controls that not supported in browser-enabled form template.
  1. ComboBox
  2. Multiple-Selection List Box
  3. Master/Detail
  4. Bulleted, Numbered and Plain List
  5. Picture
  6. Ink Picture
  7. Vertical Label
  8. Scrolling and Horizontal Region
  9. Horizontal Repeating Table
  10. Choice Group
  11. Repeating Choice Group
  12. Choice Selection
  13. Repeating Recursive Section
  14. ActiveX Controls

wow, most of control which make form easy to filled in and more controllable was not allow. ok let’s see what we have here for create InfoPath Template that have browser enabled supported.

  1. TextBox
  2. RichTextBox
  3. Drop-Down ListBox
  4. ListBox
  5. Date Picker
  6. CheckBox
  7. OptionButton
  8. Button
  9. Section
  10. Optional Section
  11. Repeating Section
  12. Repeating Table
  13. File Attachment
  14. Hyperlink
  15. expressionBox

How do you think? this is enough? for me it quite enough for basic form, Whatever if you would like to have something special than this, it’s time to think about purchasing MS InfoPath license or back to use SharePoint Form Library.



I sure that if you are crezy about social network techonology,  you have to heard about Twitter!

Never heard it before – oh dear go to first and come back (too lazy to re write it).

twhirl is one of twitter client (there are many twitter client becuase it have API to let developer interface their application with twitter service)

why i have to write about twhirl?  becuase it made from new technology (quite new) call AIR from Adobe, so before you install twhirl you have to installed Adobe AIR first,  after that go to  and install twhirl online.

i think you will have some idea about it

let’s tweet and follow narapat.

see u then.

PS. there is thai spicy of twitter call nok nok, more info visited to

PS. there is thai twitter client also call Jib Jib by K. Sugree i still have no chance to use it because i didnt register for GPRS service  (T – T) .

This month is one of funniest month for me quite busy and many of thing to do. however i got new latest update (might be late update ieie ;P)

however still have no time to detail but here is the list of thing i wanna blog

  • IBM Lotus Symphony (Free)
  • twhirl (Twitter Client – Free)
  • for sure! update photos (Sam Chuk ‘s trip)

Sincearly , I hope i can blog all of them.  have to go for meeting now.

See you then

If we talk about one hightlight of REMIX SEA 08,  many poeple will talk about “DeepZoom Composer”; this is free tools from Microsoft. It’s help you to create fantastic photo gallery in 3 Steps

  • Import
  • Compose
  • Export

But this is SilverLight, so you have to download silverlight add-in version 2.0 (same as adobe flash) 

I use Expression Media to generate Contact Sheet then import all picture to DeepZoom Composer.

Hint: place you mouse on center of picture then Click to zoom in or Shift+Click to zoom out / another way is using scroll button to zoom in and out.  Click and drag your mouse to move to other part of picture

Have Fun! 😉


PS. Need a few time to load data upon connection speed.

Credit. Thanks for this entry (Thai Lang.) on for hosting space and motivation

Hint 2 : if you see only white space please

Get Microsoft Silverlight