I sure that if you are crezy about social network techonology,  you have to heard about Twitter!

Never heard it before – oh dear go to www.twitter.com first and come back (too lazy to re write it).

twhirl is one of twitter client (there are many twitter client becuase it have API to let developer interface their application with twitter service)

why i have to write about twhirl?  becuase it made from new technology (quite new) call AIR from Adobe, so before you install twhirl you have to installed Adobe AIR first,  after that go to http://twhirl.org/  and install twhirl online.

i think you will have some idea about it

let’s tweet and follow narapat.

see u then.

PS. there is thai spicy of twitter call nok nok, more info visited to noknok.in.th

PS. there is thai twitter client also call Jib Jib by K. Sugree i still have no chance to use it because i didnt register for GPRS service  (T – T) .