The easiest way to create from on sharepoint is using form library and setting up new from relate with it.
how ever there are serveral way to create new form on sharepoint, one of them is using MS Infopath.
Question if our client didnt have MS Infopath install, what should we do?
Lucky, there is option for creating infopath call “Browser-enabled” compatible. however there limitation about using control on info path file. here is the list of controls that not supported in browser-enabled form template.
  1. ComboBox
  2. Multiple-Selection List Box
  3. Master/Detail
  4. Bulleted, Numbered and Plain List
  5. Picture
  6. Ink Picture
  7. Vertical Label
  8. Scrolling and Horizontal Region
  9. Horizontal Repeating Table
  10. Choice Group
  11. Repeating Choice Group
  12. Choice Selection
  13. Repeating Recursive Section
  14. ActiveX Controls

wow, most of control which make form easy to filled in and more controllable was not allow. ok let’s see what we have here for create InfoPath Template that have browser enabled supported.

  1. TextBox
  2. RichTextBox
  3. Drop-Down ListBox
  4. ListBox
  5. Date Picker
  6. CheckBox
  7. OptionButton
  8. Button
  9. Section
  10. Optional Section
  11. Repeating Section
  12. Repeating Table
  13. File Attachment
  14. Hyperlink
  15. expressionBox

How do you think? this is enough? for me it quite enough for basic form, Whatever if you would like to have something special than this, it’s time to think about purchasing MS InfoPath license or back to use SharePoint Form Library.